Super 6 From Sky Bet Gives a Free Chance to Win £250k

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Sky Super 6 How it Works

You can think of Sky’s Super 6 as a mini acca that you don’t have to pay for; it is essentially a promotion whereby punters must correctly predict the scores of six of the biggest Premier League games each weekend.

The people at Sky Bet made their name with the Super 6 competition.

Back when it was introduced in 2008, Sky Bet was not really a big player in the online betting arena, but this free competition that was easy to play and had a top prize of £250,000 really got people talking as you would imagine.

Of course, it helped that Sky were able to talk about the promotion during their own sports coverage, even bringing winners into the studio for an interview with Jeff Stelling, the veteran presenter of Sky’s Soccer Saturday from 1994 until 2023.

The Super 6 was even known as the Soccer Saturday Super 6 for a while as it got more and more air time.

Super 6 did wonders to bring customers to Sky Bet’s platform, and it’s now more exciting than ever, with additional prizes to be won as well as new features that make Super 6 a product in its own right – there is even a dedicated Super 6 app and it had its’ own podcast for a while too.

How Does Sky’s Super 6 Work?

Sky Super 6 LogoQuite simply, you have to correctly guess the final scores of 6 different Premier League games chosen by the Super 6 team each week (known as ‘Rounds’), and if you manage it, you win the £250,000 jackpot.

Nice and easy to understand, but very difficult to get right.

People do manage it though, and Sky even have a tie breaker in place in case two lucky so and so’s manage it in the same week. To find an eventual winner, as well as your six predictions you will also have to pick a ‘Golden Goal’.

This is the minute in which you think the first goal of the six Super 6 games will be scored, and in the event of a tie, the punter who is closest to the mark is declared the winner, and if, by some miracle, both punters a tied at the Golden Goal too, the winnings are split.

Obviously, this is not something that is won every week, much to Sky’s relief no doubt or it would cost them a fortune, but the potential is there for £250k to be won each week.

The Super 6 does pay out prizes every week though, because even if there is no jackpot winner, a £5,000 prize goes to the top scorer for that week, i.e the player who has scored the most points from their selections. The Golden Goal is also used to try and find a single winner here if it is necessary.

There are also smaller prizes of 10 x £100 for ten ‘Head to Head’ winners, as well as a £10,000 prize for the top scorer across the whole season, and £1,000 for whoever is at the top of the leader board at the end of each month.

We will explain how these work later in the article, but first, let’s deal with the main event, the Super 6 itself.

How to Play Sky Super 6

It’s been around for a long time now, so Sky have the interface for the Super 6 pretty well oiled and it’s really easy to use.

You will need an account of course, but once you have signed up, you just need to navigate to the Super 6 from the menu or a promotional image (or Google it…) and log in.

There are a few different menu options but if you make sure you are on the ‘Play’ tab, you will be able to see which matches have been selected for the competition that week, and begin to make your predictions.

Sky Super 6 Predictions

In the image above you can see that we have already made our predictions for some of the games, but there will be six in total.

You might notice the icons underneath the predicted scores too, and these are useful little extras to help you make your decisions.

The ‘Stats’ icon will show you the last 5 results for each team; the ‘Pundits’ icon will show you the predictions made by the Super 6 team and Dave Jones, the Sky Sports host; the ‘Popular’ icon will show you what other punters have gone for in terms of a Home/Draw/Away result; and the Sky Bet icon will show you the odds for a few markets pertaining to that game were you to make a bet as well.

Here’s how it looks when one of the icons is clicked and expanded:

Sky Super 6 Statistics

You can mess around with your choices for as long as you want, but before you submit them, you must also decide on which minute to choose for your ‘Golden Goal’.

This is an entry that you need to type with your keyboard, so just input the number of the minute you want to go for and you are ready to submit you predictions using the ‘Submit Predictions’ button.

Sky Super 6 Submit Predictions

Once you have done this you are in the competition and your answers are live.

You can make your choices as soon as the games for the following weekend have been selected by Super 6, so there could be days in between submitting your entry and the matches kicking off.

This obviously means that you could hear news in that time that makes you doubt your initial decisions.

If this happens, don’t panic, you can edit your predictions right up until the very first match of the six kicks off, so there is no benefit or penalty to getting your answers in earlier or later.

If you do decide to change your Super 6 predictions, just log back in and you will see something like this:

Sky Super 6 Edit Predictions

Hit the edit button and you will be back into the screen you went through before you submitted, and you can change whatever you want to change.

As you can see, you can also ‘Share’ your predictions on social media if you want to encourage some debate about your choices.

There’s more to know about the specifics of the prizes and some of the additional Super 6 features, but in terms of actually taking part in the competition, that’s it.

Super 6 Leader Board and Prizes

Sky Super 6 Jeff Stelling

The £250,000 jackpot is the big draw for Sky’s Super 6, but there are some consolation prizes to go for if you miss out on the big one. Calling them consolation prizes is unfair actually, since some of them are still pretty big and remember, this whole thing is free to play.

We mentioned the prizes earlier, but here’s another quick run down:

  • Top scorer  each round where no jackpot has been won – *£5,000
  • Top scorer each month – £1,000
  • Top scorer each season – £10,000
  • 10 x Head to Head winners – £100 each

*As well as the £5,000 for the top scorer when no jackpot has been won, an additional £1,000 is given out if that top scorer also guessed 5 of the 6 scores correctly.

Most of these prizes come from your position on the leader board in one way or another, so let’s quickly run over how that works.

Although each Super 6 round is treated individually, there is a leader board for point scoring that can be seen weekly, monthly, and for the whole season. Each round you take part in will bag you points on the leader board as follows:

Results Points
Correct Score 5
Correct Result 2

So correctly guessing that Man City beat Fulham 3-0 would bag us 5 points, but if the score was only 1-0, for example, we would only get 2 points, because although we got the match result right, we failed to predict the correct score.

The image below is of the leader board in ‘Season’ view, so it takes into account all points earned from the start of the season up until the point the screen grab was made.

Sky Super 6 Leaderboard

A couple of footballing know it all’s named Matthew Crossley and Robert Stenson are currently tied in 1st place, and both have successfully predicted 6 correct scores and 8 correct results.

Going back to the way points are allocated, we can see this is right, because:

  • 6 x 5 points for a correct score = 30 points
  • 8 x 2 points for a correct result – 16 points
  • 30 + 16 = 46 points

For a bit of added interest, we can also see how far up or down the leader board people travelled after the last round.

Daniel Evans was obviously in first place previously, as he has dropped down 2 places, whereas Matthew Crossley has jumped from 4th to 1st, and Robert Stenton was way down the table, progressing more than 99 places after his last lot of predictions.

This happens a lot, especially early in the season, as so many people take part and a good week can really propel you up the leader board. Lucky guesses might get you a weekly or even monthly prize, but it tends to be people who know what they are talking about that do well over the course of a whole season.

Head to Head

Sky Super 6 Head to Head

This is a game within a game if you like, because when you submit your Super 6 predictions, you are automatically entered into the Head to Head.

The aim here is to outscore a professional pundit chosen by Sky Super 6, however, beating the pundit only gets you entry into the draw to win a prize, since so many people manage it each week.

For context, the week this article was written, 46% of entries beat the pundit, and he only scored 4 points in the first place, so you can see how hard it is to score points in Super 6.

Anyone who does get more points than the pundit is entered into the draw and 10 lucky winners are randomly selected and given £100 for their efforts.

Not that it took any effort, because it was an automatic entry – brilliant.

You can see how the pundit did by checking the results for each round (you can look back at previous rounds too):

Sky Super 6 Head to Head Results

We didn’t enter the last round so there are no scores in our fields, but you can see where they would be if we had entered, and we could compare predictions and eventual results.

It’s also satisfying looking at just how wrong the people who are supposed to be good at this can get it.