Sky Vegas Free Spins – Get 50, 70 or 200 Free Spins With No Deposit

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Sky Vegas 70 Free Spins

Sky Vegas are synonymous with online slots, and their adverts run regularly across pretty much every TV channel in the UK (or, at least, the ones that slot players are more likely to watch). One of the big boasts of their adverts is that you can get free spins when you sign up, so how exactly to you go about that?

In this guide we’ll show you how to claim 50 free spins and how you can turn that into 70 free spins. There’s also an extra 200 free spins which you can claim after that as well.

Sky Vegas 50 Free Spins

The main offer that you’re likely to have seen advertised is the Sky Vegas 50 Free Spins promotion. Or as they like to call it “seriously free spins” (what does that mean? We’ll get to that later).

In order to claim your 50 free spins, you’ll need to register for a new account. By definition this means that if you already play at Sky Vegas, or any of the other Sky branded gaming sites, then you won’t be able to claim this one.

After registering, you’ll also need to add a debit card (note: this needs to be a debit card as credit cards are no longer permitted to be used at online casinos in the UK). You’ll also need to opt in to the promotion and then launch one of the following games:

  1. Eye of Horus
  2. Fishin’ Frenzy
  3. Lion Festival
  4. Super Spinner Bar-X
  5. Slots o Gold
  6. Luck o’ The Irish Fortune Spins

Once you launch the game, the free spins should be waiting for you. If not, make sure you’ve loaded the correct game and followed the other necessary steps mentioned above. If they’re still not there, you may need to wait up to 72 hours.

The free spins need to be claimed and played within 7 days of registering, so don’t hang around too long.

What Are Seriously Free Spins?

Seriously Free Spins - Sky VegasSo what does the seriously free spins bit mean, we hear you ask? It refers to the fact that there are absolutely no wagering requirements attached, meaning that any winnings are yours to keep. With a lot of other sites you’ll need to play through any winnings 10x, 20x or even more, but with this offer from Sky Vegas it’s credit as cash, meaning that you can just withdraw your winnings if you want.

We’ll just let that sink in.

Sign up and if you win, just withdraw the winnings.

Sky Vegas are banking on the fact that you’ll keep playing and lose back any winnings, and then some. So the way to beat them is to take your money and run. Unless, of course, you managed to win more than a few quid and you fancy a bit of a gamble to try and parlay that into another 200 spins (see later in the article for more details).

But before you sign up. Read the next section and get yourself some extra ones.

Sky Vegas 70 Free Spins

Their default offer is for 50 free spins, which you can receive if you go on to their main website and head over to the promo page. However, we have also found a special bonus page that comes with an extra 20 free spins, for a total of 70 free spins at Sky Vegas.

The rules are exactly the same as the 50 free spins, there’s just 20 more of them.

You can find the extra bonus offer here. This page is nothing to do with our site and just something we came across whilst testing out the site. There is always the danger that this offer will get pulled, but it’s worth checking out.

An Extra 200 Free Spins

Sky Vegas 50 Free Spins

If you decide to continue playing after claiming your 50 spins (or 70 if the second link still works) then there are another 200 free spins for you to claim, but it will require you to make a deposit.

After completing your 50 (or 70) spins you’ll be able to opt in again to a second offer. This second offer requires you to spend £10 on slots for the 200 free spins to be activated, however we noticed the very careful wording of the offer – it says “spend” not “deposit”.

In fact, we can’t find anything in the terms that says you need to make a deposit to claim the second set of spins. So if you have enough in your account from the initial 50/70 free spins then you can just use that to trigger the extra 200.

You don’t even need to have won £10 from the initial free spins to do this, so long as you receive winnings on your winnings long enough to meet the £10 mark. For example, if you won £5 from the initial spins and played that through and won another £3, then played that and won £2 and played through that as well:

  1. Initial Free Spins Win: £5
  2. Second Free Spins Qualifying: £10
    1. First Winnings Recycling £5
    2. Second Winnings Recycling £3
    3. Third Winning Recycling £2

That’s pretty much it. Once you meed the requirements you will receive your additional 200 spins. And just with the first batch you received, the free spins have no wagering requirements. So again, what you win, just withdraw.

You have 30 days from opting in to meet the £10 spend requirements to trigger the 200 free spins at Sky Vegas, and once received you have seven days to use them.

How Much Are the Free Spins Worth?

One of the biggest tricks that casinos use, other than wagering requirements, is the value of the free spins. When you compare two offers and one says 10 free spins and one says 50, most people are going to assume that the 50 free spin offer is the one to go for. But it all depends on how much those spins are worth.

If both spin values are the same, then yes, go for the bigger number. But if the value of the spins are different then you need to take this into account as well.

Same Value Spins:

  1. Casino A – 10 Free Spins @ 10p = £1
  2. Casino B – 50 Free Spins @ 10p = £5

Here the spin values are the same so you’ll just want to go for the bigger number. In this case, Casino B with 50 free spins.

Different Value Spins A:

  1. Casino A – 10 Free Spins @ £1 = £10
  2. Casino B – 50 Free Spins @ 10p = £5

In our second example, the casinos have wildly different spin values. Here Casino A only gives you 10 free spins but they’re each worth a whopping £1, making the total value of the spins £10. Casino B’s 50 free spins are worth 10p each which gives a total value of £5. In this scenario it’s the smaller number of spins from Casino A.

Different Value Spins B:

  1. Casino A – 10 Free Spins @ 50p = £5
  2. Casino B – 50 Free Spins @ 10p = £5

In out final example we have two different spin values and amounts, but the value works out at the same. Casino A has 10 free spins, but this time they’re worth 50p each for a total value of £5. Casino B has 50 free spins at 10p per spin which also gives it a total value of £5. In this scenario it doesn’t matter which one you go for as they’re both the same.

Sky Vegas Free Spin Value

As for the Sky Vegas offer, the spins are each worth 10p. So the 50 free spins have a value of £5, and if you nab the 70 free spins then they’re worth £7. The second round of 200 free spins is, therefore, worth £20.

What’s interesting about the Sky Vegas offer is that you’re allowed to change the value of the spins. Normally a 10p spin is worth 10p and that’s that. With this offer you’re able to stack your spins together to increase their value, whilst also reducing the number of spins.

Sky Vegas Free Spin Value

This means that your 50 free spins at 10p can become 25 free spins at 20p or 10 free spins at 50p, and so on.

That’s pretty much it. If you have any specific questions then point them at the Sky Vegas customer support. And feel free to drop us a line to let us know how you got on.