How it works

  1. Wager allows friends to bet against each other. Wager is not a bookmaker.

  2. All bets are placed on professional football matches. Each bet is between two users (you and one friend). There are no group bets.

  3. Each friend takes an opposing side of the bet, e.g. you bet on ‘Chelsea to win’ and your friend bets on ‘Chelsea not to win’

  4. All bets are placed at live, market odds

  5. Both friends’ stakes are combined together and Wager takes a platform fee which is built into the odds. The two stakes added together minus Wager’s platform fee forms the pot. The winner of the bet wins the pot.

  6. Wager settles all bets based on the results of the football matches

  7. To place a bet, you can either send a bet to a friend, or accept a bet your friend sends to you

  8. If you send a bet and change your mind before your friend accepts, you can cancel

  9. If you send a bet pre-match and your friend hasn’t replied by kick-off, the bet will automatically be cancelled

  10. If you send a bet and the odds move by >10% before your friend replies, the bet will automatically be cancelled

Wager is the trading name of Cato Partners Limited of 124 East Road, London N1 6FD

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